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News Coverage of Globalism is Distorted

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Concerns about the New World Order have been getting a lot of press coverage lately. Various “journalists” have addressed the subject on TV and in the major newspapers and magazines. In the process, they have evinced little regard for fairness, and even less for the truth. Most of the coverage has served only to obscure the issue, and to slander those who are concerned about it.

As I have tried to show in previous columns, there has been for many years a movement to create a socialistic world government. During and after World War I, those who were part of this movement placed their hopes in the League of Nations. Certain powerful bankers and industrialists, along with President Wilson’s chief advisor Col. Edward Mandell House, were in the forefront of the world government clique. When the US Senate dashed their hopes by refusing to ratify our membership in the League, Col. House and the others decided that they needed an organization to change the thinking of our American opinion molders. Accordingly, they established the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1921.

Over the years, the CFR has grown in both numbers and influence. It now has several thousand members, all of whom are influential in their fields of endeavor. Many of our recent presidents have been members, including both Bush and Clinton. All recent presidents have appointed dozens of CFR members to key positions in their administrations. Clearly, not all of the members have the same level of understanding and commitment to the ideas of the CFR. All, however, are influenced by it. That is why they were invited to join in the first place. That influence has been obvious in the damage these people have done to our nation’s sovereignty since 1921.

There have for years been critics of the CFR, its spin-off the Trilateral Commission, and related globalist groups. Some on the left oppose the excessive control exercised by big business through these organizations. On the right, the anti-globalist torch has been carried primarily by the John Birch Society since 1958. Whether from the left or the right, the serious questions about CFR influence have been studiously ignored by the major news media.

In the 1990s a new kind of criticism of the New World Order has surfaced. People like self-annointed militia leaders Linda Thompson and Mark Koernke talk about the CFR and Trilateral Commission, but add their own unproved allegations. They are the source of the rumors of “black UN helicopters,” and concentration camps being built on US soil (one in an Amtrak warehouse in Indianapolis!). It seems as if they propagate a new unfounded rumor every month. Sadly, many accept these rumors as Gospel truth, and spread them on talk radio and other venues. The net effect is that many who cannot accept the rumors are led to reject along with them all talk of a globalist agenda. Serious critics of the CFR and Trilateral Commission are seen as rumor-mongering right wing kooks.

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing, the major news media are going out of their way to encourage this phenomenon. Since the accused bombers have expressed a fear of the New World Order, the TV networks are having a field day slandering anyone who has such concerns. When they want to pretend to take a serious look at opponents of the globalists, whom do they interview? Do they turn to serious scholars of the left or the right who have been documenting CFR influence for decades? No, they talk to Linda Thompson and Mark Koernke, the rumor-mongers. Naturally, those readers and viewers who still trust the major media dismiss the whole thing as so much paranoia.

The picture I am painting makes the media look desperate to hide the truth about the New World Order. Perhaps the best recent example of that desperation is the treatment of Colonel Bo Gritz following the bombing. ABC’s 20/20 showed a short video clip of Colonel Gritz saying, “The destruction in Oklahoma City of a 9-story government building was a Rembrandt, a masterpiece of science and art put together.” Shocking, isn’t it? Anyone who would say something like that should start looking for another country to live in, right?

I don’t know everything about Colonel Gritz, so I am not going to say that I agree with everything he ever said. I do know that a man doesn’t get to be a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) by being stupid and un-American. I thought Colonel Gritz deserved to speak for himself. So I logged onto the Internet and found his mailing address, then wrote a note asking for a clarification. His organization sent me a videotape of the over two hour lecture in Dallas on April 21, from which the 20/20 clip was taken.

The lecture was Gritz’s speculation on the perpetrators of the bombing, and their motivation. The tone of his talk was one of extreme outrage over the bombing, with statements like “Every one of us are diminished by the death of any one of us” and “It’s like having a part of your own body cut off.” The quote shown on 20/20 was part of Gritz’s argument on the identity of the bomber(s). Since expert knowledge had been required to focus the bomb’s energy to such a great extent in the direction of the building, it must have been set up by someone trained by the CIA (his theory, not necessarily mine). There was no sign of admiration for the terrorists or approval of their actions. In short, extracting this one sentence from its context in the speech reversed its meaning from anti-terrorist to pro-terrorist. Hugh Downs’ and Barbara Walters’ shocked, sanctimonious facial expressions had to have been cynically staged.

Why, you may ask, would ABC do a thing like that? What do they have to gain by such blatant lying? Take a look at the membership rolls of the CFR for the answer. Among others, the CEO of ABC, Thomas Murphy, and Barbara Walters herself, are members. Naturally, if the CFR does not thrive on public exposure, these members would do what they could to discredit a CFR critic like Colonel Gritz. The other networks have even more CFR members in their ranks than does ABC, including both of their CEO’s.

What is a conscientious American to do to find the truth? Since the major media can be shown to distort the truth, we must look for information outside that source for balance. I recommend that you read Global Tyranny…Step by Step, by William Jasper for a good overview. Then judge for yourself whether there is anything to this New World Order business. If there is, it is too important to our children’s future for us to ignore.