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Boy Scouts Morally Obligated to Exclude Homosexual Leaders

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The Boy Scouts of America have come under a lot of fire lately for their stance against homosexual leadership within the Scouting organization. According to a recent AP story, an attorney with the ACLU proclaimed that “People are going to turn to their local governments and say, ‘This is a pack of bigots. Don’t give them special treatment.'” In the past, the Boy Scouts have sacrificed a lot to preserve the integrity of the Scout Law and Oath—an Oath in which every Scout promises to do his “duty to God,” and to keep himself “morally straight.” That same AP story states that “The Scouts’ policies have cost them financial support from several corporations, including jeans maker Levi Strauss & Co. Seven of the 1,400 United Way agencies nationwide have halted contributions, and several local governments have severed ties. The Scouts were removed from a list of charities that Connecticut state employees could support through payroll deductions.” Obviously, it takes a great deal of commitment and sacrifice to defend traditional morality in today’s society.

There is no question that the Boy Scouts of America have a right, as a private organization, to establish their own leadership criteria (even though four of the Supreme Court justices, who have proven themselves time and again to be enemies of the Constitution, voted against that right!). However, many have questioned their moral right to exclude homosexuals. In fact, it should be obvious that the Boy Scouts are morally obligated to keep homosexuals out of leadership positions.

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