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I’m Proud of Indiana this Week

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On March 26, 2015 AD, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This brings the state into company with 19 other states with similar laws, as well as even the federal government. The law prohibits local governments from passing ordinances restricting the practice of religion by an individual or company.

The impetus for passing these laws was to prevent what has happened to Christians in Washington and other states, where businesses endure legal assaults for declining to participate in homosexual “marriages” by providing cakes, flowers and the like. The victims of these legal assaults by the ACLU and others of the left believe that to facilitate these celebrations of homosexuality is a grave sin, and they choose financial martyrdom rather than be forced to participate in the sin. Presumably it will no longer be possible for cities or counties  to initiate these assaults in Indiana.

Predictably, leftists of all stripes, including corporations that have bought into the PC “diversity” culture, have been frothing at the mouth against Indiana’s government. It may seem strange that they are singling out just one of the twenty states who have almost identical laws. But the homosexual movement has apparently decided to concentrate its bile against any states considering new laws of this type. They did the same to Arizona in 2012, prompting their governor to veto the bill. Indiana’s legislature and Governor Pence endured this treatment in the months leading up to the passage and signing, without caving to the pressure.

In Indiana and 19 other states, a homosexual couple who want a “wedding” cake with pro-homosexual logos or slogans can go to hundreds of Indiana bakeries to get it. They won’t be able to force a Christian baker to go against his beliefs to create such an abomination. That seems fair to me, and that’s why I’m proud of Indiana this week.