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Please, No Senate Recess During Obama’s Term

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The tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is the scariest event of this century so far. It gives Saul Alinsky’s most successful disciple, B.H. Obama, the opportunity to pack the court with radical leftists. In fact, that is such an important opportunity for the left, that the timing of Scalia’s death is extremely suspicious. So is the fact that he had a pillow over his head when he was found, and the rapid foreclosure of the opportunity to investigate the cause of death. Many Americans, myself among them, would put absolutely nothing past the current administration and its allies.

As a side note, I’m sure that some readers will cite the desire of Scalia’s family not to have an autopsy. Determining the cause of death in this case is a matter of national security. No family’s sensitivities about an autopsy carries any weight compared to that. I don’t think it’s too extreme to say that his death presents an existential threat to the Constitution.

Regardless of whether Scalia’s death was an Act of God or an act of enemies of the Constitution, it puts the Senate in the hot seat. Some Senators have assured us that they will not confirm any replacement nominated by this president. That’s not surprising and I’m glad to hear it, but the Republicans who now control the Senate have consistently caved to pressure from the left. There is a real danger that they might do the same again in this case.

Even if the Senate does not confirm Obama’s choice, they could do so passively by going into recess any time before Obama leaves office. The Constitution gives the president the power to make an appointment without Senate confirmation during congressional recesses. Any hope that he would not do so would be magical thinking. The only way to prevent that is to forego any recesses while Obama holds the presidency.

Yes, the one third of the Senators that are up for reelection would not be able to campaign personally in their home states. But with modern communications, they could campaign remotely. Just making it clear publicly that they are staying in Washington to protect the Constitution from the rogue Supreme Court should be enough to get Republican Senators reelected. And let’s face it; loss of Senate control would not be as bad as having Scalia replaced on the Supreme Court by another radical leftist.

So I urge the Senate Republican leadership to keep the body in session until the next president is inaugurated.