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Nazi book burning

Democrat Platform Committee Repudiates First Amendment

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If the national Democrat Party platform committee has their way, companies who disagree with the Democrats’ global warming propaganda will soon be prosecuted by the Justice Department. This is apparently not a fringe position in the party, since the decision to add the provision to the platform was approved unanimously by committee members.

Would the Justice Department balk at enforcing this attack on Americans exercising their right of free speech? Not likely. Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch is on record threatening to prosecute people who engage in “anti-Muslim rhetoric.” In Idaho, several juvenile Muslim immigrants are reported to have sexually assaulted a five-year old girl. The response of Obama-appointed Federal Prosecutor Wendy J. Olson? She threatened to prosecute anyone who utters “false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself.”

It comes as no surprise to see the Democrat party moving more openly toward Nazi-style censorship. But Americans in general surely won’t allow this to go further, right? Not so fast! Young Americans who’ve been trained in the increasingly radical indoctrination centers known as public schools and state universities are the future of our electorate. And they are not such reliable defenders of our (and their) free speech or other rights. A recent survey found that 40% of “Millennials” believe the government should limit speech that is “offensive to minorities.” Thankfully, that represents a small fraction of our total electorate, but it also highlights a trend toward the communist/fascist view of free speech.

Republicans in Congress: where are the impeachment resolutions against federal appointees who threaten unconstitutional actions against free speech? If you tolerate these attempts to intimidate those who exercise their rights, you are no better than the Democrats who perpetrate them. Show some backbone and stand up for the Constitution.

Holding nose to vote for Trump

Why I Plan to Vote for Trump

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In the past, whenever faced with the choice between a socialist Democrat (oops — a little redundant there) and a less than conservative Republican candidate for President, I’ve been very comfortable voting for a third party candidate. In fact, I’ll do the same this year in the election for US Representative in my district, given the voting record of Luke Messer. Even the third party candidates are often not that great, especially Libertarians, but I’ve regarded the vote as a statement rather than a realistic attempt to elect a candidate.

There are many reasons to be reluctant to vote for Donald Trump. He has very little in the way of conservative credentials, having donated money to the campaigns of liberal politicians, and supported liberal positions. On the other hand, he so far hasn’t surrounded himself with leftist advisors, such as members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and in the current campaign he’s made promises that, if kept, could help to reverse the dangerous course we’ve been on.

Since Trump isn’t the ideal candidate for conservatives, many have suggested that a principled voter should again go third party. As much as I’d like to cast a principled vote regardless of the unlikelihood of electing my candidate, this year I think the situation is fundamentally different. That’s because four or more years of another Clinton presidency would likely give the left sufficient time to “legalize” enough socialist immigrants to build a permanent one-party Democrat political system. It would also solidify the precedent of ruling by executive decree that Obama has run so wild with. Finally, it would deliver the Supreme Court permanently to the progressives. For all practical purposes, that would make this year’s election the last one ever. Oh, there would probably be a few more pro-forma elections, but all conservative parties would be relegated to third party status. What good would my principled vote be then?

It all boils down to the certainty of permanent national disaster under Clinton, and at least a chance that our republic would continue to limp along under Trump. Maybe we can do better four years from now. But this year, our only chance of a political solution to our nation’s decline into a socialist tyranny is the election of Donald Trump.