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Judge William Orrick III Must be Impeached

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The latest clandestine interviews with Planned Parenthood officials publicized by the Center for Medical Progress revealed the worst attitudes yet toward abortion. The abortionists joked about the difficulty of dismembering a baby, especially when trying to fill an order for intact body parts. Having a baby’s eyeball fall into the abortionist’s lap was laughingly described as “gross.” One ghoul described pulling “off a leg or two” to prevent having the abortion be classed as a “partial birth abortion.” The moral level of the discussions was worthy of Joseph Mengele. The videos published on the internet have been reviving the movement to defund Planned Parenthood.

The federal courts have long practiced legislating from the bench in violation of the Constitution. Lately, they have pushed the envelope in their rulings against every action attempted by President Trump. But this all pales almost to insignificance compared to the action of one federal judge in this abortion interview video case. William Orrick III, a judge in California, has ruled that the videos must be removed from any place they occur on the internet, and that news media may not even quote the abortionists’ comments heard on the video. This open defiance of the First Amendment’s recognition of freedom of the press must not be tolerated. Here is the message that I emailed to Luke Messer, my Representative in the House.

Federal Judge William Orrick III has ruled, in defiance of the First Amendment, that evidence against Planned Parenthood be removed from the internet, and that news media be prohibited from quoting the incriminating statements by Planned Parenthood officials. This ruling is the most blatant action against the First Amendment that I’ve ever heard of. You need to introduce articles of impeachment against Orrick as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow, May 27. If Orrick is allowed to get away with this, Americans will have to conclude that the federal government considers the Constitution to be null and void. Where that would lead is scary to contemplate. Please honor your oath of office to defend the Constitution.

I recommend that all who read this post contact their US Representatives with a similar message. If we want any part of our Constitution to survive, we must make an example of this worst ever offense against it. If our federal government can’t or won’t protect the First Amendment, the alternatives are grim indeed.


I’m not Pro-Life

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Donald Trump’s recent fumbling over a question of punishment for abortion has raised a flurry of responses from the “pro-life” movement. The controversy centered on Trump’s waffling over whether a mother who aborts her child should receive some kind of punishment if abortion were ever to become illegal again. Jill Stanek, Chairman of the Susan B. Anthony List National Campaign, clarified that the pro-life movement considers the mother of an aborted child to be purely a victim, not a perpetrator. By that definition, the mother bears no guilt and must not be punished. Consequently, Trump’s uncertainty over the issue calls into question his qualification as a pro-life candidate.

I’ve always refrained from calling myself “pro-life,” simply because I don’t like the attempt to make everything sound positive. I’m very happy to be known as “anti-abortion,” just as I would be happy to call myself “anti-murder, “anti-Nazi,” or “anti-socialist.” Further, since the pro-life movement is dominated by the Roman Catholic church, it has assimilated that church’s objection to the death penalty. I find that doctrine to be anti-Biblical as well as unjust and damaging to the social order. That’s yet another reason to shun the pro-life label.

Stanek’s protestations against the guilt of an aborting mother defy logic. Yes, some mothers are forced by evil parents or sexual partners to have abortions, and can fairly be called victims. The vast majority are complicit in the murder of their children in the same sense as the mobster who contracts a hired killer. The law on contract killing places responsibility for the murder as much on the one who hired the killer as on the killer himself. If our nation ever returns to its senses and makes abortion legally equivalent to murder, the mother who willingly undergoes the procedure must receive the punishment for murder along with the “doctor” and associated personnel.


Are You Shocked at Planned Parenthood Atrocities?

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Various Planned Parenthood officials have recently described on video how that organization sells body parts of aborted children. Conservatives, and even a few Liberals, have expressed shock and revulsion at the revelations. But does it make sense for anyone to be shocked at this?

I wasn’t shocked by the videos, though I was a little surprised at how readily Planned Parenthood people admitted such practices.

Think about the record of this organization. It was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, for the purposes of promoting birth control in order to free women from the fear of pregnancy in marital and adulterous sex; and preventing the births of those they regarded as substandard or otherwise undesirable: retarded people, blacks, and others. Years after their founding, they expanded their definition of birth control to include abortion.

Planned Parenthood routinely fails to report pregnancies of underage girls whose sexual partners are old enough to be considered statutory rapists if caught. Such failure is illegal, but law enforcement officials ignore it.

Doctors employed in Planned Parenthood clinics use a variety of brutal techniques to end the lives of children in their mothers’ wombs. They can poison, suck the brain out of the heads, or tear the bodies limb from limb of multiple children in a morning, then enjoy a leisurely lunch and return for more in the afternoon. Then they can go home and pretend they are virtuous and productive citizens.

So, why would anyone be shocked that these ghouls would further profit from selling what remains of children they have murdered? The only thing that would be shocking to me, but not surprising, would be if they were to bring about live births in order to sell live children for research. Now that I’ve thought of it, even that won’t shock me to hear of it.

Being shocked or surprised at such atrocities may not make sense, but it does make sense for humane citizens to make use of the current outrage to stop the practice of abortion in our country. It is essential that law enforcement organizations at various levels of government investigate just what Planned Parenthood does. Multiple states have already instituted investigations, and some in Congress are planning to do so. Besides gathering actionable evidence, this should have the added benefit of keeping the atrocities in the notoriously short lived eye and mind of the public.

Once the evidence has been gathered to support charges, participants in any currently illegal Planned Parenthood activities need to be charged and punished. At the same time, obviously all state and federal funding for the organization must be terminated. And finally, we the people need to elect a president and congressmen who will do their duty to protect the lives of all Americans, born and unborn, by making abortion illegal nationwide.